MTS Metallurgical Testing Services

We provide comprehensive mechanical testing and metallurgical examination services to give you confidence
when dealing with materials issues.

image001NATA Accredited Metallurgical Testing Services


Our fully qualified metallurgists and technicians use state of the art equipment and advanced methodologies.


We offer testing to a broad range of Australian and International standards to meet your needs.

Superior Support

We strive to work with you to resolve your materials, welds, coatings and equipment failure issues in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our NATA accredited laboratory can perform the following testing:

Mechanical Testing and Metallurgical
Examination Services


We use an Omax© Water Jet Cutting machine for sample preparation.

No heat input and highly accurate cutting (+/- .01mm) are two features of this machine, as well as reduced preparation time. Capable of cutting up to 200mm thick materials, including carbon and stainless steels, manganese, white metal and other wear hardening steels, glass, plastic, rubber, wood and other materials.